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Sugary sweetness

Percentage of sugar Density of a solution at temperature 20 " Ρ Temperature of boiling in open utensils Test
50%  1,229  101,9  Weak syrup 
60%  1,236  103,1  Average syrup 
65%  1,316  103,9  Strong syrup 
70%  1,347  105,3  Thin string 
75%  1,378  107,4  Average string 
80%  1,411  110,3  Thick string 
85%  114,5  Weak Ball 
90%  122,6  Average ball 
95%  127,0  Strong ball 
98%  165,0  Candy 


It is made from two forms soft and solid consistency

Soft sesame halva is made form sugar syrup, churned up whites of eggs, and sesame seeds. In churned up whites lead in cool sugar syrup, by small thin jet at continuous churning up. The ready caramel- protein mass is jointed with prepared sesame and mix. Churning up of halva is better make in confectionery pot with ball - shaped bottom. Prepared caramel-protein mass is put on greasing confectionery sheet, or table from stainless steel. It is rolled into layer to 5 sm. and caught pieces weight 50-60 gr. It can be in square, rhombic, rectangular forms. From prepared mass you may form long ropes and cut as cylinders 5-6 sm length.

Solid sesame Halva is made from caramel mass, repeatedly stretched to formation of white colour. On final stage in warm caramel mass is added prepared sesame and formed on big trays, griddles, preliminary greased. Form and thickness of Halva may be different.

2 kg of prepared Halva - 6 glasses of granulated sugar, 4 table spoons of syrup or a tea spoon f citric acid, 7 table spoons of sesame, a tea spoon of fat, , and for the soft Halva - 8 whites of eggs


There are two forms: soft and solid consistency. It's composition includes granulated sugar, syrup, whites of eggs, kernel of nuts, vanilla and solution of soap roots.

Soft Kos Halva is prepared by the churning up whites in which is added the solution of soap root, and constantly churning up at adding of cool sugar syrup. After churning up in caramel-protein mass is added prepared kernel of nuts, and on preliminary greased round trays form bars and rhombs

Solid Kos Halva is made from dense sugar syrup, , churned up whites of eggs, and peeled kernel of nuts. Cool sugar syrup at constant churning up in poured by thick stream in churned up whites and before the readiness of mass is added kernel of nuts. Surface of halva at forming on greased round trays is adorned by the halves of nut's kernels. At cooling halva becomes solid and can be smashed.

Prepared Halva has homogeneous slightly porous consistency. With embedded nuts' kernels.

At absence of peeled kernel nuts are smashed separated from shell and gently fried.

1 kg of prepared Kos Halva - 5 glasses of granulated sugar, 2 table spoons of syrup or a tea spoon f citric acid, 4 whites of eggs, 2 glasses of peled kernels of nuts, a table spoon of grease, vanilla to taste.

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